Welcome to the official site of Electro Muskrats. Electro Muskrats is a magical realism, black comedy created by Nicolai P. Stecher and Reuben van Bemmel.

Elector Muskrats is explained in more detail in the ‘Just what is Electro Muskrats?’ section. For information about us, click on ‘About Us’. Brief summaries of each episode can be found under the ‘Episode guide’ whilst a list of characters can be found in the ‘Characters’ section.

We will update this website with additional pages, writing, images etc in days to come. We welcome your comments, critiques, compliments and suggestions for improvements. We hope you enjoy Electro Muskrats.

If you wish to contact us, please leave a comment in the below form, or, email us at:
Please be patient with us. We check our email account on a weekly basis, so expect up to 10 days until you get your response. Otherwise leave a comment and we will gladly respond to any answer, and will be elated for any compliments.


11 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. PS: (nice website) I tryed to post this on youtube but it was too long.

    It definitely has potential. There are some obvious technical errors (dubbing etc) which I’m sure your aware of so I wont go into them. As far as negative aspects I found that some scenes were too long and some of the acting was a bit forced, although I’m critiquing this as if I saw it on SBS. The initial introduction of the show and character building section in front of the computer were too long but I guess necessary. Although I’m being extremely picky which I’m sure is what you want….

    From the television section on the video really picked up with some quite witty (if heavily inspired) humor and was very entertaining. The bit before Gary meets the Estonian vampire needs to be re-shot. The bit by the creek with the ghost needs more light but it’s all quite nicely shot. At some points it really clicks and feels very professional, other points could use some work. I think it would benefit from a re-think about every aspect of the show and slight script, visual and audio tweaks. Then re-shoot it all. It has a lot of potential and is very entertaining and you should be proud of it. At the moment I would rate it 8.5/10 and all my criticisms are very picky. Well done Nicolai, this could easily be a 10.

    Ben Sale

  2. Thank you very much for your feedback, Ben. We will work on making scenes more concise. The updated version, we feel, is considerably better.


  3. Very impressive, Reuben and Nicolai. I think, however, you should make each specific scene shorter and more succinct. Make some of the dialogue punchier (like the phone scene, which is too long) and some more ‘natural’ facial expressions would go a long way. I would give it 8/10

  4. electromuskrats Says:

    Actually, those are our natural facial expressions. And we have found a much better way of doing the phone scene. Although, some scenes will be getting even longer. Anyways, thanks for the feedback John.

  5. Good stuff. You should probably update this page more often. When can we expect further installments.

  6. electromuskrats Says:

    You’re right. We should update more. We’re a bit tied down with production at the moment.

  7. Hey, I had fun filming the Orange Peeler scene the other day, can’t wait till next time!

  8. electromuskrats Says:

    Fear not Andrew! The holidays shall involve much filming – irrespective of your vacation.

  9. you guys must get alot of your inspiration from the mighty boosh. i noticed alot of similarities. I must admit you’re all doing a very good job i actually enjoyed the pilot.

  10. You are, indeed, correct Adam. Thanks for your comment.

  11. Ben, you aint writing a fucking essay

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